Woe is work

Published April 5, 2014 by imperfectpoetry

It’s so slow 
In work today
Wish I could pass the time
Another way,
I could be walking 
My dog in the park
Or meeting with mates
For a lark
I could be watching a film
Or reading a book
I could even be learning
How to cook!
But no,
None of these things
Will come to pass
Because I’m stuck 
In work
Having a moan
Are you sure
I can’t just 
Go home? 


She Saw the Sulture Change

Published April 4, 2014 by imperfectpoetry

People pulling together in a time of crisis. We do have a purpose then. It’s nice to see


Ever since 2004, Ukraine became known to the world not only for the tragedy in Chernobyl, or heavy weight champions boxers Brothers Klitschko. In 2004, Ukraine underwent a first wave of massive riots in downtown Kiev, where thousands of people decided to camp out on the main square demanding fair elections of the new President. Almost ten years later, a new wave of protests would spread around the country in less than two month. Everything started with this amazing, yet dangerous, social phenomenon – Maidan.

big-1-300x200 I happened to have a friend who actually was a part of this movement. She spent countless days and night at Maidan, helping to prepare food, or just hanging out. It certainly was dangerous to be threre, but she was very brave and wanted to make a differece, to be a part of ‘making a new history’. I asked her about social…

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Poetry and Race Relations

Published April 4, 2014 by imperfectpoetry

So there’s a number of significant calendar dates scheduled today and the ones I’m going to focus on are World Poetry Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Interestingly enough it’s also World Puppetry Day and Harmony Day (Australia) which can go together in a cynical way though Harmony day can more positively be seen akin with the two titles I’m looking at, but then so can World Puppetry Day in a negative way….

Respectful notice to the other dates World Down Syndrome Day and Youth Day in Tunisia (Youth Day is celebrated in different countries on different days). Whilst I’ve read a bit about these I’m no expert so won’t unfairly expound on the subjects but acknowledgement to those for whom these themes are significant, whether as a marker or a lifetime issue, and kudos to those trying to make good the situations.

On a…

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‘Sleep No More’ Is a ‘Macbeth’ in a Hotel | NYTimes | Chelsea

Published April 4, 2014 by imperfectpoetry

New york trips

Those pushy Macbeths may be backstabbing social climbers, but you must admit that their new digs are to die for. The Thane of Cawdor and his wife have moved into a deserted hotel in the hinterlands of the West 20s, and my dear, what they’ve done with the place…

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Singularly everybody

Published April 4, 2014 by imperfectpoetry

I am…
Patiently impatient 
Quietly shouting
Crying with laughter
And very gently tough.
I will…
Love and hate
And need to not need
Independently rely on you
Finish what Iv started
With out seeing it through.
I have…
Selfishly given
And shyly received 
Loudly lost friendships
And silently grieved.
I’m playful when I’m hiding
I’m peaceful when I’m pleased
I sob at little cuts
And dry eyed when I bleed.
I’m an extrovert inside
I’m pure bred like a weed
I look…
Tall for a short person
Smiley when I’m peeved 
Confident when I’m nervous
Silly on purpose.
I’m a simple contradiction
Indecisive with conviction
I’m a different me from day to day
But I’m human and that’s me.